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Hunna USB Sanitiser with Glasswall Protection



Importing and sharing of data in the field is often done via USB and is inherently risky. Not only does military field work make it difficult to scan files and update anti-virus engines in real time, but the sophisticated nature of threats aimed at defence organisations can often evade these detection-based technologies.


Developed and deployed with the Swedish Armed Forces, the Hunna System solves this problem. Integrated with Glasswall’s Rebuild SDK, the Hunna System is a portable, air-gapped USB sanitiser that allows users to:

  • Import and export of information on USB media, CD/DVD, SD cards without the risk of infecting receiving information systems
  • Removes forensic traces of secret information during the import process
  • Allows for the safe import and sharing of data any physical environment


Hunna uses a scan/copy process that moves data from one USB through the system and saves the trusted data on another.

  • Files and documents are scanned though two AV engines to search for known malware.
  • They then undergo deep-File Inspection, Remediation and Sanitisation by Glasswall Rebuild, ensuring that all files conform to a standard of ‘known good’.
  • The safe files are filtered through a whitelist before being copied to a target USB and are signed.