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Powered by d-FIRST™, Glasswall Editor harnesses the world's most advanced CDR technology.

Regenerating every file to a standard of ‘known good’, Glasswall Editor delivers unparalleled levels of security and integrity, ensuring only safe and clean files reach users. With additional content modification features and sub-second processing, the user experience is seamless, leaving business critical communications uninterrupted. 


Wherever files are imported or stored, the threat of malicious content is constant. Whether from Active Content such as macros, JavaScript, embedded files or structural deviations from the published format specification, malware has no shortage of places to hide.  


Sending files to the Glasswall Editor returns safe, clean regenerated versions:

  • Verified as the correct file type
  • Meets structural specification for the identified file format with all deviations remediated 
  • High risk Active Content removed 
  • Hidden tags inserted as an option 
  • Files can be exported in a flat text/image structure allowing easy search/replace/redact of text data and re-imported back to their complex document format
  • Archive file types unpacked, each individual file is processed with the archive then repacked with clean versions of each file
  • Comprehensive data reporting provided

Glasswall Editor is supported on both Linux and Windows as a native SDK and in Docker Containers. It is shipped with a set of wrappers that ensure easy integration with all commonly used development environments.  It is provided with comprehensive documentation and code examples.


After purchase, a license file for Glasswall Editor can be downloaded from our Github Repo or from Docker Hub. Copy the license file to the folder in which the Glasswall Editor files resides. An easy to follow guide helps you integrate Glasswall Editor into any business processes.