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Security Tagging


Glasswall Security Tagging is a document traceability service. Documents are seamlessly tagged in a non-detectable manner, invisible to the average user, but known by the company. This makes it possible to trace and detect file breaches or hacks within the organisation. 


Every day files are stolen, deleted, corrupted, or lost in data breaches. Tracking and tracing the source of those documents is often difficult with traditional metadata-based tagging all too easy to remove.   Is your company the source of a sensitive document found on the dark web or did it come from someone else?


Adding security tags to files and documents in a highly secure and invisible way, allows organisations to mark files under their control, removing them when they are legitimately passed outside the organisation. 


    Security Tagging works on a tag write / read basis.

    Tag Writing: Files along with their required tags are securely submitted to Glasswall. The service embeds the tags in each file, returning the updated file.

    Tag Reading: Files submitted to Glasswall are scanned for tags and returned with a report. No tagged files are retained by Glasswall, ensuring complete protection of your data.


    1. A law firm receives a batch of documents from a high-profile client for a sensitive case.
    2. At the point of entry, each file is tagged with the date it was received and the name of each attorney that has access to the documents.
    3. If a document is ever required to be shared outside the firm, the tag is removed.
    4. If any document is leaked or falls into the wrong hands, analysis of the file can confirm whether or not the law firm was the source of the breach.
    File TypeFile Description
    XLSXMS Excel 2003 & later
    PPTXMS PowerPoint 2003 & later
    DOCXMS Word 2003 & later