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Mass File Scanner


A quick and simple way to analyse large quantities of files. Glasswall's Mass File Scanner does this in a single process, providing you with a detailed report of risks from files and documents. 


Organisations are often sent large quantities of files during the course of business. The source of these files is largely unknown with these data dumps posing a significant risk. 

What's in these files and can I trust them?


Glasswall's Mass File Scanner analyses every file provided.  Powered by it's award-winning and patented d-FIRST™ technology, the service reports on all structural anomalies and Active Content, giving you complete visibility into the risks within files and documents.

Along with an API key, users provide the web address. Glasswall then scans the site, extracting all file content, processing and analyse the retrieved files. The service then sends a comprehensive report, including the detailed analysis of all files. All scanned files are immediately destroyed, ensuring complete protection of your data.